All About Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

Hi, I’m Jeremy and this is my journey behind-the-scenes of professional water damage restoration like you’ve never seen it before, will see homes and businesses go from flooded places to new spaces as we follow the best water damage restoration crews in the Atlanta area and see how they tackle the big, the bad, and the ugly.

Now I never know want be from one day to the next but one thing’s for sure it’ll be anything but ordinary. We’re here inside what looks to be a normal house I mean look like a normal house but it’s a completely saturated structure. We use drying systems in order to put this house back to pre-loss condition.

Water coming down a wall, and plenty of water from over here by side when it rains indoors and so what your what you’re doing and what your thing I hear what people are being trained on of how to deal with this challenge catastrophic event, including like the further remove all of the content from and all of the building material. This house be restored exactly we can put them back in a pre-loss condition than one-third say they are technology that’s out there today and understand that I am then the day that they’re taken everything out a building are you don’t have to do that okay amazing now there are times that it doesn’t have to come out okay well that be very realistic due at five to wear I the majority of the lot building content can stay in place and does not have to come out wall.

I mean normally I would think there would be all loading and so forth from the water when I’m spraying it now it’s absorbing some other absolutely is like a giant flood right now. This building is absorbing water and as well. I have we’re doing it right like I feel on here not now. On what’s happening in the water that actually n the air now migrating throughout the rest for this I’ll and go with the deal with the entire. He’s not here that’s right not one area wow services like fire with smoke the same thing happening with water that’s exactly right because we have water vapor in the air moving through this building and they can pick up moisture and different gone here for the whole room and it absolutely destroyer well I’m officially soaked and so is this house, which is what you’re trying to do.

So now the ultimate restoration renegade because he is restoration renegades and back he’s instructed over 100 restoration renegades were out there right now helping businesses and homes they get flooded away just like this one and just like yours so we appreciate and you say now if I don’t see you in your white house reporter business out this year next time on restoration.

When you experience water intrusion from a flood or sewer backup, precious minutes can make all the difference in the amount of property damage that occurs, especially secondary damage such as mold growth and humidity’s effect on your home or business. That’s why Atlanta Water Damage Pro Water Restoration Services responds immediately. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And when you call us, the phone is answered around the clock by a helpful customer service representative,even on weekends and holidays. Water Restoration Services are provided by our own skilled technicians, not sub-contractors.

Our trucks are equipped with the latest and most effective water restoration equipment so our professional IICRC certified crews will arrive on the scene with everything needed to remove water and dry the affected areas as effectively as possible. At the first sign of water in your home or business, call us. Our licensed staff will fix the problem by repairing any broken pipes, sump pumps, or sewer backups. And because we are also a water restoration company, there’s no need to worry about who to call to rid your home of the water or sewage left behind. We’ll even clean up flood waters caused by heavy rain, groundwater, and natural disasters.

Within minutes of your call, we will have a water restoration expert on-site to assess the extent of the water intrusion, develop the most effective plan of action, and work with your insurance company to expedite your claim if coverage applies. “I’m here with the client and we need to find out whether or not she’s covered totally. ” And throughout the entire process, we will communicate with your insurance company, providing them with photos, measurements, and all necessary details using the exact image software system and insurance industry approved and preferred method for seamlessly resolving claims. Right away, we will dispatch a certified and experienced water restoration crew. You’ll feel confident that your water problems will be resolved in the safest, most professional manner.

The team will quickly begin emergency water removal procedures. The faster water or sewage is removed, the quicker your home or business can get back to normal. We will remove water from rooms, basements, or crawl spaces using state-of-the-art extraction equipment. Then we’ll thoroughly dry the entire affected area, including the flooring and walls, with professional-grade air movers. At the same time, we dry the air with dehumidifiers and filter the air with air scrubbers to control the spread of airborne mold spores, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms. We conduct all services in accordance with ANSI IIRC standards so that all water is removed and the property is thoroughly dried, ventilated, and disinfected.

The services we perform will vary depending on the type and severity of the water problem, but may include extracting water from floor coverings, such as carpeting, and from structural materials like drywall. Contaminated items, for those beyond repair, will be removed and discarded. We will also use deodorizers when necessary and will apply anti-microbial agent to eliminate germs and reduce recontamination risks. We are certified to resolve clean water, gray water, and black water problems of all types. If you have a water intrusion problem, you can count us.