Help! I’m Experiencing An Unexpected Flood!

How To Fight Back Against Damaging Water In An Atlanta Flood

Almost every home or property owner has had to come to blows with water damage and its inherent consequences. Floods are a common phenomenon in homes. There are times when a flood is a result of natural disasters like coastal, river, or even pluvial rises. Most times thought it’s plain old bust water pipes; plumbing flooding as we call it. And when it happens, its attendant damage can be severe. It can damage the walls, the flooring, the furniture, and sometimes even settle under the building to cause major problems in the future. When faced with a situation like this, there’s no need to panic. Following some very simple steps will turn an otherwise disastrous situation into a cakewalk in the park.  

Depending on the situation, you will want to start some cleaning before the professionals get to the scene. But first, you need to act by calling a professional water extraction company in Atlanta to help remove the excess water from your home.

Get Help For Flooding In Atlanta

The interesting thing about flooding is that you can never truly know the extent of the spread. It’s obviously because of the nature of water itself. So first thing is call the professionals. In addition to hiring a water damage restoration company, you may also need to call an emergency plumber and have your water temporarily shut off in order to negate the situation.

Before An Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Company Arrives

You may need to do some basic things on your own before help gets to the scene, because water been fluid, it’s constantly in motion and looking for a place to settle. Make sure you switch off all electrical equipment in the house. Turn off all plumbing in the house including the mains supply onto the property. Start drying the area right away, as much as you possibly can. Make sure you don’t use a vacuum or any other electricity dependent equipment. Water is an excellent conductor and it is very dangerous to use electrical gadgets while you have flooding. Use mops, towels or rags to try to get as much water out as you can.

Flooding Can Spread Surprisingly Fast

Flooding can spread very fast, going deeper than the surface which presents even more danger especially if there are live electricity cabling in the ground that’s old and has lost insulation. It’s definitely a good idea to get the family out of dodge while doing all this. Cleaning the standing water does not necessarily fix the problem and as mentioned earlier this is just first aid; the real damage will be from the water that has seeped into places you don’t know about or cannot reach which can cause molds to grow.  In fact, in homes with septic tanks where the flooding extends to the area around the home, there are additional damages and protocols to follow for what to do with a septic system after a flood.

Cleaning that won’t save the situation. But you can rest assured that good professionals get to the scene in time to continue from there. Speaking of professionals, if you happen to be in Atlanta, you are in luck. There are a large number of adept water restoration companies that are experienced with flooding from both natural disasters and plumbing disasters. This list includes the renowned Atlanta Water Damage Pros, who are available around the clock for whenever a flooding disaster strikes.

Don’t Hesitate To Hire A Water Restoration Service In Atlanta

Atlanta Water Damage Pro has an amazing recovery rate in the provision of Water restoration services, including Water Mitigation Process, Emergency Water Removal and Water Restoration repair. The good thing about them is that they bill the insurance company directly so you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket when you are already in a very stressful situation. If you live in or around the Atlanta area, consider bookmarking in case of a major water disaster in your home.

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