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How To Prevent Basement Flooding

6 Tips For Preventing Your Home From Being Affected By Basement Flooding Issues

For people who have ever experienced basement flooding, there is no telling the extent of damages that may be recorded in addition to the stress and financial demands of such occurrence. While hiring an Atlanta water remediation company is a great way to combat this problem and restore the basement of the home to a healthy state, perhaps, a better approach will be to altogether prevent against the occurrence of such disaster.

Start Your Flooding Prevention In The Basement

While the basement is known for its dingy feeling and overall high humidity, there are several tips that can be adopted by property owners to ensure that the basement remains safe and protected from flooding.

To help keep you basement safe and your finances protected, below are some of the tips recommended to keep your basement dry.

Clean and maintain gutters and downspouts

One of the most important areas in the home to give attention to when planning on preventing water damage to the basement and foundation is the gutters and downspouts. The gutter functions to channel water away from the roof and the home, however, problems with the gutter may lead to water pooling in areas around the home which may overtime seep through the foundation and walls into the basement. To keep your basement protected, ensure that the gutters are properly cleaned out.

Properly landscape the yard

The slope of the yard or the shape of the flower bed may be a major contributing factor to water pooling in the home. To better prevent against flooding, it is recommended that you direct the slope of the yard away from the home thus leading water away from your property. Employ professional landscaping experts to look into this.

Inspect and repair foundation cracks

Foundation cracks remain one of the most important entry routes of water into the basement. Leaving foundation cracks unchecked can lead to a host of structural problems in the home and as such, there is the need to pay proper attention to inspecting the foundation and ensuring that adequate repairs are conducted promptly when needed.

Practice proper sump pump maintenance

Failure of sump pump is one of the leading causes of basement flooding in most homes. For persons whose homes have sump pumps, you already have a great defense against mold, water damage and flooding, however, failure to observe proper sump pump maintenance can cause harm to the home thus leading to basement flooding.

Inspect sewers and clean septic tanks

Most homes fail to pay attention to their sewers and septic tanks, these areas which may commonly predispose the home to water problems. Take note to hire professional plumbers to look into cleaning and inspection of the sewers and septic system.

Install window well covers

For homes with below-grade basement windows, it is recommended that you always use a window well covers to protect the windows. When these are fastened correctly to the basement windows and latched to the foundation, they work wonders in preventing against flooding.

While these are great tips to adopt in preventing against water damages and flooding, there are other ways that can be adopted. To learn more about protecting your home from water damage, visit


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