Managing Water Damage The Right Way

How To Use A Water Damage Restoration Company in Atlanta to Recover From Hurricane Damage

Our homes are prone to many emergency and disastrous conditions ranging from artificial disasters like fire outbreaks to natural disasters like flooding. In any of these cases, most especially the flood that caused emergency water damage,  it is very important to act fast as the situation will get worse with time. You must be very fast in consulting a trusted and reliable water restoration company to help in cleaning up after an Atlanta flood. However before their arrival, you should try to take some measures like turning off the power,  blocking the water inlet into your house, and removing as many irreplaceable belongings as possible.

An emergency water damage service in Atlanta requires the service of water extraction in Atlanta that will make use of trained technicians to perform the restoration process for you.  Though the drying process is dynamic with regards to the company involved, most usually make use of the following process:

How Does Atlanta Water Extraction Work?

• Examining The Flooded Area

The very first part of the drying process is the arrival of the trusted technicians to do a thorough investigation about the affected area and to detect where there is excessive moisture with the use of either moisture detector or an infrared camera.

• Packing Flood Damaged Items

Failure to act fast in an emergency water damage situation can lead to damage of appliances,  electronics, books and other valuable resources in the house. And that is why the contents are moved away from the water with the dry ones on one side and those affected on the other side for treatment.

• Proper Home Drying After Water Removal

The next process is to make use of different equipments for water extraction in Atlanta in order to dry the home.  Vacuums are used to dry places like basements and all other part of the house. Humidity is expected to build up after an Atlanta flood and that is why companies make use of dehumidifiers.  Submersible and trunk-mounted pumps are used to extract water from the house. During the process, all openings in the house will be left open in order to hasten the drying process.

• Drying Of Upholstery

Surfaces, carpets and upholstery are dried via the use of an extraction vacuum. Some companies usually take out wet carpet for drying but it requires some level of professionalism.  This is because moving soaked carpeting for drying in such a way can have a negative effect on the fibers.

• Treatment Of Water Damaged Areas

Many studies show that flood water is often contaminated with bacterial and other health concerns. This means that you are facing not only a structural and safety risk during a flood, but a danger to your health as well. Cleanup is also a health concern due to the potential nature of the water, so it is important to work with a professional water cleanup service.

• Treatment Of Water Damaged Items

After the contents have been packed aside,  the affected and unaffected ones are both treated with chemicals like disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides, etc.  This is to prevent the growth and spread of microbes on the content and also to eliminate any foul smell.

• Post Water Damage Inspection

And last is the inspection or monitoring process.  After water extraction in Atlanta, it is expected that the company should be monitoring the drying process in the house.  After the process is completed, your contents can now be packed into the house.

You should consult the service of companies that do water extraction in Atlanta as soon as possible in order to prevent the following

  • Spreading of water to affected areas
  • Damage to contents
  • Excessive cost
  • Low Content Salvation
  • Bacteria Growth and Development
  • Secondary dangers to your home and belongings
  • Unhealthy conditions and many more

The faster you respond to an emergency water damage situation,  the better your chances of getting your home back in the pre-damaged condition.  Find out how and Atlanta water damage restoration specialist can help you recover from flooding fast by visiting us at

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