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Why your sewer is backed up

Sewer water backup is one of the problems faced by many homeowners in Atlanta. While flooding and water pipe leaks lead to overflow in the home, sewer back up goes to the extreme. With sewer back up, dirty and unpleasant water simply clogs in the house which can pose very serious health challenge. When this happens, a professional water damage and flood repair company in Atlanta must be sought out to deal with the issue very quickly.

Water back up leads to disastrous effect on the home, properties and personal health. It can even be fatal if they have not attended to very quickly. Some of the concerns of most people to deal with the menace is inadequate funds. But you can actually talk to your insurance agent and add sewer water backup coverage to your home insurance. It would probably cost you $ 40 to $ 50 annually.

To reduce the risk of sewer water back up at home, there’s a need to know and understand the various causes of sewer water back up. This would help you to take precautionary steps to deal with sewer water back up. The following entails the four main causes of sewer water back up.


  • Blockage Due Tree Roots


The roots of trees situated close to sewer lines can grow deep, creep into sewer pipes and cause a blockage. They usually start very small, gradually and unnoticed.  In the quest of seeking for moisture, the roots of the trees penetrate into the sewer pipes and causes a blockage. This can lead to various sewer back up water damage problems.


  • Blockage of City Sanitary Main


The city’s sanitary main connects most homes and houses in the community. A blockage in the city’s main would therefore cause sewer water blockage along all related homes and offices associated with the city main. The blockage must be quickly detected and fixed to enhance a free low of sewer to the city’s main. The city’s public works should be contacted to report the problem, after which a professional water and flood damage repair specialist should be contacted to fix these issues.


  • Blockage or overflow of drainage systems


In order to ensure free flow of sewer into the city’s main, all debris and solid materials which creep into the drainage system must be checked and removed regularly. The little materials can accumulate and cause a blockage in the drainage system . Sometimes, the problem can actually result from an overflow of from sewer.


  • Weak or Aging Sewer Systems


As the sewer system ages, it becomes weak and begins to develop cracks along the lines. When this happens, the sewer can actually creep through the cracks along the pipes. A professional plumber should be contacted over a period of time to evaluate and make changes to an ageing sewer system.

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